Great Leadership Creates an Environment for Success

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I facilitated a session on leadership for a senior management team the other day. Here is some of what we talked about.

Great leaders create an environment for success. We defined that environment it as one in which the members of an organization or team want to give of their best freely – ideas, energy, creativity, innovation. This list can go on to include any and all of the best qualities of our ideal colleagues and partners.

What are some of the elements you might want to consider as you create your environment for success?
• Respect for all human beings and as a starting point for all interactions
• Consistency in the messages you send through your words and behavior. Are you managing your reactions and emotions? You are always conveying a message.
• Positive Emotion can inspire you, others and your organization to change, to open to new possibilities, and to accomplish your desired results. Are you paying attention to your thoughts – beliefs, perceptions, expectations and assumptions? Your thoughts along with the emotion they create become your attitude. You get to choose your thoughts.
• Focus is power. You get more of what you focus on. Focus on – What is working in your organization? What results do we want? What did she just do really well? What are you aspiring to create and/or to be known for?
• Leveraging strengths as a foundation for addressing gaps and challenges.
• Accountability. Commitment and job responsibilities matter. What are you doing to create and support accountability as a tool for growth and development?

You may think that creating an environment for success is only for leaders of teams and organizations. It is also something you may want to do for yourself and those you care about. Ask yourself…

1. What strengths do you bring to creating an environment of success for you, others, and/or your organization?

2. What elements above are most challenging for you?

3. What one area would you like to focus on improving? What specifically will you do differently? What is a way for you to create some accountability for yourself?

My best to you. Please feel free to send your comments and questions.

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