“Stephen’s process provided a complete breakdown of all aspects of my skills and leadership style. He has a unique ability for rendering the complex into simple, indisputable insights for creating actionable strategies critical for success as well as creating new habits to manage for those things that inhibit growth. Further, he equips you with the ability to measure your success in an objective way that serves to motivate you to become not simply a high performing professional and leader, but a high performing individual.”
TH, VP Worldwide Marketing & Communications, Technology

“The PaperRoom (Now the Results Accelerator) will blow your mind. I understand why it is so important to do this process as an initial session. I am better organized and I have a much better quality of life”
DD, President, Online Distribution

“I am so much more conscious of my strengths, and don’t let my previous behavior patterns keep me from taking on higher level strategic challenges. Thanks to Stephen, I regularly ask myself a few fundamental questions to help me chart a course to meet the challenge. As a result, I tackle challenges that I previously hesitated on or would have avoided all together.“
J M,Department Head, Communications & Network Engineering

“More than anything, Stephen inserted a voice of confidence and self-awareness in my head that I didn’t have before.”
DS, President, Marketing and Advertising

“Today’s dynamic corporate landscape requires a leader to constantly adapt and adjust to new market conditions, to shifting priorities and resources, and to sometimes challenging collegial relationships. Stephen provides superb guidance in converting any apparent obstacle into an opportunity. His approach is simple and effective, and clients enjoy a renewed approach to understanding situations, by first understanding themselves.
RF, Director, Strategy & Planning, Banking

“Stephen is a skilled coach. I have hired him for several engagements since 2004. As my coach, he helps me focus on forward motion, creating a space for individual learning, skill development, and results achievement. He is thoughtful, insightful, and supportive. I highly recommend him as a coach or facilitator.”
LM, Assistant Director, Program Management, OD Consulting
Harvard University

“Stephen uses a unique process called The Paper Room System (now the Results Accelerator) to help individuals see patterns of past successes which can enable them to create their future success. His creative and personal approach was both illuminating and empowering to me personally and professionally.”
JS, Human Resources, Technology

“Stephen Carr changed my entire outlook on life and work. He helped me re-learn what I’d long known but had forgotten in the midst of the daily corporate grind that the impossible is only impossible if you make it so.”
KM, COO, On-line Consumer Services

“Stephen Carr is an outstanding Executive Coach who delivers high value, focused outcomes, and long-term results. His process is unique and provides the insights necessary for real change. I highly recommend him to any CEO or leader who wants a top coach for their management team, executive retreats, and or their own growth and development.”
NM, CEO & President, Global Consulting Company

“Organizations are, by definition, results oriented. Stephen gets results. The people he coaches move on to healthier, more productive experiences in their career. I don’t think you “change” as a result of coaching with Stephen so much as you are reminded of who you are. He helps you discover – or rediscover – your natural strengths and problem solving capability.”
SB, SVP Group Creative Director, Advertising

“Stephen is a natural coach, and his guidance reflects solid business experience, extensive understanding of organizational complexity, keen emotional intelligence, and a strong inclination towards the “art of the possible.” He listens well and inspires crucial conversations that stimulate awareness; provoke thought; and challenge notions; all in an effort to uncover barriers, “blind spots,” and inhibiting mind-sets. Stephen is fully invested in the coaching relationship and my success, and his optimism, high energy, and passion are infectious.

I am a better leader today because of my coaching experience with Stephen. I focus more on what’s important and possible and apply my skills more effectively to influence organizational changes in culture and operations”
DH, Director, Technology and Engineering