Executive Insight Program

The individual Executive Insight Program with Stephen Carr is designed for executives looking for an opportunity to step outside of your day-to-day routine and take time for focus and reflection.

The Executive Insight Program is designed for those of you who recognize that self-knowledge is at the core of leadership and of a well-executed career and life. You are successfully creating the career and life results you want.  You know that career and life will continue to evolve and change, and you want to be alert to anything that you may be putting in your own way.  You may have a question about your career and/or life that you have been pondering.

We will define the specifics of your program based on a review of your objectives.

An Executive Insight Program can provide:

  •  a focused opportunity to step out of your day-to-day routine to reflect on your relationship to your career and life, taking stock of where you are and considering where you want to go.
  •  a 1-day in-person Discovery Session using the Results Accelerator™, which is an internal 360 Assessment that uses the specific content and context of your career and life experiences to reveal your specific learned systems, your patterns of success, and your opportunities for change.  This deceptively simple process provides a unique, holographic picture of who you are, what is important to you, and what you have learned along the way that may or may not still be helpful to you.  This data becomes the foundation for deepening self-insight, awareness and understanding that will help you navigate your evolving and changing career and life even more effectively.
  •  an external 360 Degree Feedback Process to discover how others currently perceive you and the impact of your behavior on them.
  • a Career/Life Strategy Session to clarify insights gained as a result of reflection, assessment and feedback to create focused and actionable strategies for moving your career and life forward with increased self-knowledge.

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