Leadership Context

Choose to Be Present.  You can practice interrupting your habits by asking the following questions in order to establish a context for a conversation, meeting, project, presentation, email or any other activity or form of communication. With a defined context, it will be clear how to proceed as the AdultLeader with purpose and clarity. This practice can be used effectively for you as an individual and for groups and teams.


Before I begin my conversation, meeting, presentation, email…..I regularly ask me/us the following questions:

  1. WHY does this matter to me/us? Why is this important to me/us?
    This question connects me/us to purpose and values.
    The answer generates energy, passion and commitment to move forward.
  2. WHAT do I/we want to accomplish?
    This question helps me/us to clarify the goals or outcome wanted.
    The answer provides focus and direction.
  3. WHO do I/we want to be?
    This question invites me/us to consider how I/we want to show up as a leader.
    The answer is a reminder that leadership is a choice in each situation.The answers to these 3 questions become the foundation to answer the next question.
  4. HOW will I do this?
    This question will help me/us to define strategy and tactics.
    The answer moves me/us into aligned action.

This practice requires that you interrupt what you are busy doing and give yourself some time for focus and reflection. It will usually take only a few moments, and may take a little while longer for a more difficult or important situation. With a defined leadership context, it becomes clear how to proceed in a manner that makes it more likely you will achieve your desired outcome.  You are designed for success.  This process allows you to connect to your power and capability in the moment.

Defining a leadership context is a leadership practice that can become a habit.