Additional Programs

Retainer Programs

A Retainer Program is designed to provide periodic, focused support to my Executive Coaching Clients after the formal executive coaching program has ended.  One of the key objectives of my Executive Coaching Programs is to enable coachees to better coach themselves through future challenges and opportunities by utilizing their

  •  increased self-awareness and ability to be present
  •  more conscious connection to their AdultLeader – their identity, values, and leadership vision
  •  understanding of their own learned systems and patterns of success
  •  portfolio of tools learned during coaching.

With this foundation in place, I can quickly help them navigate a current challenge or opportunity by

  •  challenging their thinking
  •  providing reinforcement for their judgment and planning
  •  brainstorming new ideas
  •  inspiring forward momentum.

Retainer Programs may be designed for one coachee or for a group of coachees in an organization.

Strategic Planning Sessions

A Strategy Planning Session is designed to focus attention on a particular challenge or opportunity in order to define an actionable strategy for an Executive Coaching Client’s

  •  team, department or organization
  •  new project, initiative or set of responsibilities
  •  career development
  •  career transition.

Strategy Planning Sessions are designed to leverage the foundation created in the Executive Coaching Program.  They may be scheduled as a part of a program or after a program has ended.  They will usually be at least half-day meetings.  Some clients find value in scheduling annual strategy planning sessions to maintain their focus and commitment to ongoing growth and success.

Team Facilitation and Retreats

Team Facilitation and Retreats are custom designed with a specific purpose and agenda.  They will most often focus on developing vision, strategy, and/or teamwork and communication.  These programs will include scheduled pre-planning, materials, and reporting of meeting outcomes.

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