Executive and Corporate Coaching for Leadership, Management and Career Development

Executive Leadership Coaching engagements are designed to provide focus that can deepen awareness and support growth.  Coaching is an opportunity to engage in constructive and focused dialogue with a skilled and objective listener.  Executive Coaching enables new perspectives that lead to new behaviors, improved performance and expanded results.

I work with successful executives, leaders and managers to help you discover that you already have the necessary internal resources to accomplish the results and change you want.  It will require that you shift your thinking to access new perspectives about yourself, others, your organization, and the world in order to effectively unleash those internal resources.

A shift in your Leadership happens when you choose to apply those new perspectives in combination with your unique strengths and experience for a defined purpose or outcome.  Your unique expression of leadership then becomes a new set of priorities and authentic behaviors that will lead you to new levels of presence, capability, fulfillment and results.  Leadership is not a position.  Leadership is choosing to apply your unique strengths, skills and experience with self-knowledge, purpose, and commitment.

I begin each engagement with a thorough assessment of the coachee’s strengths and challenges by gathering data from in-depth, open-ended interviews with supervisors, peers, and direct reports.  I complement this narrative data with the use of the Hogan Leadership Assessments.

Change depends on three things. First, you need to know what you want to change. Second, you must decide to change it. And third, you need to know how to change it.

Individual and Corporate Clients call on me as an Executive Coach to provide the focus that supports change, growth and results in some of the following areas of challenge and opportunity:

  •  Leadership and Management Development
  •  Executive Leadership Presence
  •  Strategic Thinking, Planning and Influence
  •  Interpersonal Communication and Team Engagement
  •  Delegation and Organizational Effectiveness
  •  Personal Productivity and Effectiveness
  •  Career Development and Transition