Transform your Leadership Presence and Results with Executive Coaching

Executive and Corporate Coaching for Leadership and Career Development

Executive and Corporate Coaching for Leadership, Management and Career Development

Executive Leadership Coaching engagements are designed to provide focus that can deepen awareness and support growth.  Coaching is an opportunity to engage in constructive and focused dialogue with a skilled and objective listener.  Executive Coaching enables new perspectives that lead to new behaviors, improved performance and expanded results.

About Stephen Carr, PCC

STEPHEN CARR, PCC is a certified, Boston-based Executive Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker with over 30 years of experience in coaching, consulting and managing at sales, general and executive management levels. He has brought a unique perspective and a focused approach to executive coaching for the last 15 years as the principal of Stephen Carr Associates, Inc.

The PaperRoom System™

“Of all the creatures on earth, only human beings can change their pattern. Man alone is the architect of his (her) destiny.”
William James


The PaperRoom System™ is an internal 360 Assessment that uses the content and context of your life and career experiences to reveal your specific learned systems and your patterns of success.  Using your own data, this deceptively simple intake process provides a holographic picture that becomes the foundation for gaining insight and self-understanding,

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